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Mission Statement

Our mission at the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute (NBCI) is to empower mothers in achieving their breastfeeding goals by delivering compassionate and comprehensive support, complemented by contemporary and consistent guidance from well-informed healthcare practitioners.

Our Purpose

The Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute (NBCI) acknowledges the profound frustration experienced by mothers who have encountered conflicting and contradictory advice regarding breastfeeding. We recognize the paramount importance of empowering these mothers through sustained education and empathetic comprehension. Within a nurturing and tranquil environment, we aim to educate mothers in the following areas:

  1. Facilitating the attainment of the optimal latch, thereby enabling mothers to independently replicate this skill at home.
  2. Distinguishing between a baby's suckling and the actual acquisition of milk, promoting a heightened awareness.
  3. Proficiently identifying early feeding cues and discerning when a baby has truly satiated its nutritional needs.
  4. Cultivating a state of relaxation, fostering a harmonious and favorable breastfeeding experience for both mother and infant.

Within our clinic, we lend a compassionate ear to the mother, diligently diagnose her breastfeeding challenges, address her pain and milk supply concerns, and assist in averting future complications.

The Institute

NBCI offers educational programs designed for lactation consultants, physicians, midwives, nurses, naturopaths, doulas, and individuals aspiring to obtain their IBLCE certification as professional Lactation Consultants. For more information on our Institute, kindly request our brochure via email at breastfeeding@ccnm.edu or download it directly from our website.

For additional information on our Institute, please visit our website, where you can find further details on our services, history, and funding.

Services | History | Funding


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