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A newborn is guided by their mother for their first feeding experience.

The initial 28 hours of a baby's life mark the beginning of the Baby-Led Mother-Guided Latching process. It all starts with the baby's innate search for the nurturing breast. The experienced mother gently directs her little one toward the awaiting nipple.

While the newborn opens their mouth relatively wide, there is room for improvement in the mother's technique. A more ideal latch would ensure that the baby engulfs a greater portion of the breast in their mouth.

During the early stages of feeding, the baby primarily engages in a nibbling motion. However, attentive observers may notice occasional pauses in the baby's chin movement, distinct from the characteristic motions seen during proficient breastfeeding, which clearly indicate effective milk transfer.

Around the 1 minute and 10 seconds mark, the mother employs a gentle compression technique to facilitate milk flow. In response, the baby adapts by adopting a pattern of intermittent, purposeful sucking that signifies successful milk intake.

Latching On with a Smile

Here's a snapshot of a latching adventure – not quite perfection, but still pretty darn good. The best part? No pain for mom! It did take a couple of tries to get the baby to latch on, but hey, there's no use in wrangling a little one who's not in the mood for breast time. It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – just not gonna happen!

Check out the baby's "asymmetric" latch – chin snuggled up to the breast, nose giving it some space, and the lower lip taking more real estate on the areola than the upper lip. It's all part of the baby's unique latch style!

And here's the secret weapon: Compressions! They're like baby's milk turbo boosters, helping them score more liquid gold. Just a little extra magic touch!


The Art of Baby Feeding

Behold the baby's quirky position at the breast. The chin snuggled in, nose playing hard to get, and the lower lip grabbing more of the areola than the upper lip. It's like an artist's asymmetric masterpiece!

That little pause in the chin action while the baby's slurping? That's the universal signal for "I just scored a mouthful of milk!" The longer the pause, the bigger the milk jackpot. It's baby's way of sipping and savoring.

Imagine a baby going at it like this for a full 20 minutes (not that we're setting a timer, of course). Chances are, they'll be too full to even think about the other side. Belly's all stocked up!

Who needs a feeding schedule, anyway? Timing feedings is like trying to schedule a spontaneous dance party - it just doesn't jive!

The Tiny Feeder

Meet the star of our show, a baby who's barely 40 hours into this world. And guess what? He's got a knack for latching that's pretty impressive. Look at that chin snuggled into the breast, nose giving it some personal space, and the lower lip taking a bigger bite of the areola than the upper lip. It's like baby's early artistry in the making!

Now, in the opening scenes, our baby's got a bit of a nibbling phase going on. It's like baby's saying, "Let me savor this milk experience!"

Mom's trying her hand at some squeezes, but not quite by the book. We usually recommend squeezing while the baby's giving that suck, but not getting a full gulp. No need to squeeze when baby's taking a milk break.

You see, at this tender age (before the big milk party starts), those squeezes might need a few rounds to hit the jackpot. But as baby grows, a squeeze usually works like a charm right away.

Fast forward to around the one-minute mark, and baby's starting to get a little antsy. The slow flow isn't cutting it anymore!

And then, at about one minute and 14 seconds, it's like baby's found the milk treasure, and you'll spot a series of those pause-and-sip moves. Sip, sip, hooray!

Mom keeps the milk magic flowing with some gentle squeezes until baby's all sipped out, and at 1 minute and 30 seconds, it's time to release. The baby's not in the mood for more.

Now, around the one minute and 37 seconds mark, baby's got that sucking groove going again. Babies know when it's mealtime, no need for a foot-tickle or cold cloth on the forehead. They're just after that tasty milk!

And remember, babies don't snooze at the breast because they're dozing off – it's because the milk stream's in slow-mo mode. The secrets to keeping the milk flowing?
1. A solid latch
2. Squeezes when baby's sipping, not just sucking

Oh, and at the two-minute mark, those squeezes strike gold once more. Baby's got it all figured out!

The Marvelous Tongue-Tie Triumph at 4 Days Old!

Our little star just had a tongue-tie release - a true tongue liberation!

Now, here's the mom, rocking those compressions like a pro. She's got the perfect rhythm going. Watch closely - she's waiting to see if her baby's in the sipping mood (check for that cute chin pause). If the little one's not sipping, it's compression time! Mom squeezes, and she's got it locked and loaded until the baby takes a break from sucking or decides it's time for a milk intermission. When the baby starts the sucking show again but isn't in full milk-gulping mode, she repeats the magic.

The Dance of the Older Baby

Get ready for a show with our seasoned little one, as mom's milk supply takes a breather.

This baby's got some fancy moves, jiggling and grooving at the breast. But here's the twist - it's not a milk marathon. In fact, he's hardly sipping, though his chin's playing peek-a-boo. It's like a milk-cosmic slow dance!

Now, some folks might say it's a wild race of too much milk, but check out that chin action. In this case, it's a milk snail's pace that's got our little dancer working up a sweat!


Inserting a Lactation Aid

Sipping Like a Pro!

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the baby of champions, sipping like a true pro. Those pauses? They're epic, like movie intermissions!

This little champ could make a pit stop at the breast and still have a tank full of milk. It's like a sip-and-go pit crew in action!


The Art of Finger Feeding and Latching

Get ready for the baby-prep masterclass! Finger feeding is like the warm-up act for a baby who's not quite ready to take the breast center stage.

But remember, it's a quick gig. Finger feeding is all about calming the baby and getting those sucking skills in shape. It's like a 60-second power warm-up before the real show!

Now, here's the golden rule - once the baby takes the breast, finger feeding steps aside. If there's a need for extra fuel, it's delivered right at the breast with a lactation aid. No need for finger food when you've got the breast buffet!

We caught this baby on camera because he's already mastered the art of latching after a finger-feeding warm-up.

So, why the one-sided preference in this video?

• Well, our little star had already dined on the right side, and the milk flow was like a slow stroll in the park. Babies prefer the fast lane, and even the lactation aid couldn't rev it up enough.

And why the left side for the grand finale?

• It was like a fresh, untouched buffet - the breast was "full" and the milk flow was like a rollercoaster ride. Babies love the thrill of a fast flow!

And here's the golden rule - we don't play the baby dictator game. If the little one's not in the mood, struggles, or just isn't in the sucking groove, we don't push. We let the baby lead the way. If they latch on, it's victory! No need to force a stay. If they don't latch, trying to make them stay at the breast is a comedy of errors and is likely to lead to some baby drama!

Squeezing Nipple - Unraveling the Latch Mystery

Ever wondered what happens when a baby latches onto just the nipple? Spoiler alert: not much milk action here!

But wait, there's a twist! When the baby latches where they should, it's like opening the milk floodgates. Rapid milk flow, anyone?

The Mystery of Nibbling

Prepare for a baby who's the master of the art of nibbling. But here's the kicker - there's almost no milk action going on. If this little one sticks to this nibbling style, they could write a novel on the breast and still not get their fill!

Something's gotta give, and if improving the latch and giving it a little squeeze doesn't do the trick, it might be time for some extra milk support. The nibbling conundrum awaits a solution!

Cup Feeding - Sip, Don't Pour!

Introducing cup feeding, the charming alternative to the bottle. It's like a little tea party for the baby, especially handy when they're giving the breast a cold shoulder!

Now, here's the secret handshake - the baby's got this nifty trick where they lap up the milk with their tongue. No milk waterfall here; it's all about sipping, not pouring!

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